Darren Entwistle
president and CEO, TELUS
"The level of dedication and professionalism of every person at Wilcox Group is not just impressive, but the best I have ever seen – as a team, and at an individual level. Thank you for your proactive approach, your responsiveness, flexibility and unwavering commitment to excellence."

John Bitove
executive chairman, Priszm Income Fund (KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell brands); executive chairman, XM Canada; chairman and CEO, Scott’s Real Estate Investment Trust
"The Wilcox Group team always does a fabulous job. They provide excellent service and targeted execution that leads to national exposure. We’re proud of our association with Mat Wilcox and her team of experienced professionals."

Joyce Wagenaar
director, corporate and marketing communications, Terasen Gas
"You put a hallmark of excellence on everything you touch."

Rick Thiessen
president of B.C. Chicken Growers Association (Avian Flu Crisis)
"Wilcox Group was the epicentre for the poultry industry and through your professionalism and expertise in crisis management, you helped us survive Canada's potentially devastating avian influenza outbreak. Thank you!"

Steve Tapp
former president of Canadian Satellite Radio/XM Canada
"In my mind Wilcox Group defines what a public relations firm should be - highly strategic, responsive, and proactive. Their team has been fantastic and they are second to none."

Shane Bourbonnais
executive vice president, Live Nation Canada
"Thank you for all of your support on the largest cancer fundraiser in Canadian history! With your help we made something very special happen. You and your team really helped push it over the top and I’m grateful for your involvement. Thank you."

Tye Burt
president and CEO, Kinross Gold Corporation
"Wilcox Group consistently exceeds our expectations. They have assisted Kinross with many initiatives and events, from the delivery of financial reporting, to a recent merger and media training. We rely on their sound advice and expertise to meet our public and media relations needs."

Jeff O’Neill
former CEO, Priszm Income Fund
"The communications experts at Wilcox Group are truly part of our management team. They have provided us with the strategy and counsel that have guided us through crises; and their knowledge of consumer marketing and public relations have helped us to celebrate our ongoing success."